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A resume should highlight your competencies, position you in your field and open doors for you.  A well-written resume will propel your career and attract top-tier employers.

Do you have the right keywords and buzz phrases on your resume? Is the presentation impressive? Do you know if it is screening through Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) systems and landing on the hiring manager’s desk? Let us check for you.

We go beyond cookie cutter resumes and offer exclusive, customized solutions designed to maximize your image and build your brand.  From complete career documents, online profiles to social media bios, we offer a full-stop, comprehensive service that will amplify your talents.

“Studies show that 84.2 % of job seekers use professional resume services, don’t be left out. I am committed to guiding you to the next step in your career. Email me your resume. I will show you how you can take strategic career steps that will help you realize your dreams.” – Virginia Jeyapal

Our Process Is Simple!

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Our resumes are not cookie-cutter, neither are our prices. Every client is unique and has specific needs. We understand that.

First we review your credentials, experience, industry, and career and then give you detailed feedback, critique your resume, and send you a quote that is based on your career level and the time it will take to develop the best job search strategy for you.

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  • Arts / Media / Communications Resume Writing Services: Entertainment, Radio Broadcasting, Television Broadcasting, Journalism, Editing / Writing, Book Publishing, Magazine Publishing, On-line Publishing, Technical Writing, Museums, Archivists, Curators, Architecture, Culinary Arts, Commercial Art, Fine Art, Photography, Performing Arts, Music, Design, Arts Administration.
  • Business Resume Writing Services: Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations, Business Development, Finance, Accounting, Sales, Management Consulting, Human Resources, Real Estate, Hotel Management, Insurance, Fashion Industry, Retail, Actuary, Statistics, Mathematics, Sports Industry.
  • Education Resume Writing Services: Teaching K-12, University / College, Administration, School Counselor, Research, Library Science, Coaching.
  • Engineering / Computer Science, Technology Resume Writing Services: Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Manufacturing and Production, Information Technology, System Administration, Computer Science, Product Design, Transportation, Urban / Regional Planners.
  • Environment Resume Writing Services: Environmental Science, Geology, Geography, Anthropology, Outdoor Education, Conservation, Energy, Forestry, Wildlife, Parks, Recreation.
  • Health Sciences / Biotech Resume Writing Services: Health Care, Physician, Nurse, Pharmacist, Physical Therapist, Dietitian, Dentist, Alternative Medicine, Hospital Administration, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Biology, Chemistry, Veterinary Science, Public Health Administration.
  • International Resume Writing Services: Language / Translation, Travel Agent, Guide, Foreign Service, International Public Service, Programs, International Trade.
  • Law Resume Writing Services: Attorney, Judge, Paralegal, Public Service Law, Lobbyist, Corporate Law.
  • Public Service Resume Writing Services: Social Work, Psychology / Counseling, Clergy, Non-profit Administration, Non-profit Service, State and Local Government, Federal Government, National Security, Policy, Politics.